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SEG Standard Development

The procedure for reviewing the Standard is described in and governed by The Sustainable Eel Group Standard Development Procedure.
This covers, in summary:
•    Setting the terms of reference, objectives and scope
•    Roles & responsibilities within the SEG governance structure
•    Involvement of stakeholders during consultation
•    Approval, publication and availability of the revised standard
•    Record keeping, complaints and further revision
•    Composition of the SEG Standard Panel
The following can be provided on request:
•    The procedure guiding the standard setting activity – ie. the Sustainable Eel Group Standard Development Procedure
•    The stakeholders contacted and invited to comment, and those involved at each stage of the process
•    Comments received by stakeholders and a synopsis of how those were taken into account
•    All draft and final versions of the standard
The Terms of Reference for the Review, agreed by the SEG Board, are available here.
Revisions of the SEG Standard are drafted by the SEG Standard Panel, and approved by the SEG Board.

This is the outline programme for the review of the Standard in 2017:
January 2017         Publish the intention to review the Standard and how people can engage
(Click here to read the review Announcement from January 2017)
February 2017       Start the review, and invite comments on the existing Standard from users and interested parties
(Click here to read how to contribute to the review of the SEG Standard)
March 2017            Review Panel meets to review Standard and existing feedback
April 2017               1st draft Version 6 published for 2 month consultation
June 2017               Review Panel meets to consider further amendments following consultation
July 2017                Publish second version for 1 month consultation
September 2017    Review Panel meets to consider further amendments following consultation
October 2017         Correspondence with consultees to explain how comments have been used
November 2017     New standard published and available for use
Comments on the Standard are welcome at any time. If you wish to comment, please complete this simple form and send it to

This is the procedure if you have any complaints or concerns related to the development and review of the SEG Standard.
•    Any stakeholder has the right to raise their concerns or submit a complaint about the implementation of the SEG Standard Development Procedure or about the content of the SEG Standard.
•    Concerns or complaints should be submitted in writing to the SEG Chairperson who shall ensure that the complaint is conveyed to the appropriate body or individual for response.
•    Concerns or complaints related to procedural issues shall be responded to initially by the SEG Chairperson.  If the complainant is not satisfied with the explanation, the concern or complaint shall be forwarded to the SEG Leadership Group to be discussed and responded to in accordance with its procedures.  The response of the SEG Leadership Group shall be final.
•    Concerns or complaints related to content of a draft or approved SEG Standard shall be responded to initially by the Chair of the SEG Standards Panel who shall provide an explanation for the current wording of the SEG Standard and information on how the stakeholder can participate in a future revision of the standard.
•    No further appeal or complaint in relation to content shall be considered but all comments shall be documented and maintained in the standards comment file for future reference when the standard is next reviewed.
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