Accelerating the recovery of the European Eel

SEG positions

SEG positions

2024-12-01SEG Statement on UK Eel Trade 12-1-24
2022-11-30SEG Position on Trade of Eel from non-EU Countries
2022-11-14SEG position on the AGRIFISH Fishing Opportunities meeting
2022-06-11SEG position on the 15th anniversary of the EU Eel Regulation
2021-11-05SEG considers "Zero Catch" advice
2021-11-03SEG vision on protection and recovery of the European eel
2021-10-15SEG Feedback to the EC Consultation on ‘Preventing Illegal Trade in Wildlife’
2021-10-13SEG response to the French Ministrys Consulation on the Glass eel quota 2021/22 - EN
2021-10-13Réponse du SEG à la consultation du Ministère français sur le quota de civelles 2021/22 - FR
2020-07-27Protection and sustainable use of the European eel
2020-07-02SEG position on the eel stock status, and our ambition for recovery
2020-06-09SEG Position zum Aal-Besatz
2020-06-19SEG position on restocking
2020-06-01Fishing the protected European eel with the SEG standard
2020-06-01La pêche de l'anguille Européenne protégée avec la norme SEG
2020-04-21SEG Welcomes Review of Eel Regulation
2020-02-19The European Eel Regulation: effective, elements to be sharpened, further ambition and action needed
2019-03-12SEG's response to the Public Consultation on the Eel Regulation
2018-12-19European eel’s recovery requires political action on more than just fishing
2018-12-04Germany is transit country for one of planet’s greatest Wildlife Crime
2018-12-03EU needs to build on progress to protect the European Eel
2018-05-11SEG’s response to the European Commission’s Roadmap on the evaluation of the Eel Regulation
2018-04-21Fish need to migrate – Joint Statement for World Fish Migration Day 2018
2018-04-06Trafficking Threatens Eel Recovery
2018-03-09Sustainable Eel Group (SEG): Criminals Trafficked 110 Million Eels to Asia so far this season
2018-03-09Sustainable Eel Group (SEG): Criminals Trafficked 110 Million Eels to Asia so far this Season (EN,NL,DE,ES,FR)
2017-12-13EU agrees to accelerate the recovery of the European eel
2017-11-21 SEG Calls on EU Council of Ministers to Mandate the Commission to Launch an Evaluation of the EU Eel Regulation
2017-11-08SEG's statement on the EC's proposal concerning eel fisheries ban
2017-10-04SEG calls for the establishment of an International body for Eel Management

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2018-09-03Sustainable Eel Group: Kriminelle schmuggeln in der laufenden Fangsaison 110 Millionen Glasaale nach
2017-10-09SEG fordert die Einrichtung eines internationalen Gremiums zur
2016-05-31Die Sustainable Eel Group: "Stoppt den illegalen Schwarzhandel mit Aal nach Asien"