Accelerating the recovery of the European Eel

The SEG Standard and the theory of change

The SEG Theory of Change and highlighted in red its links to the SEG Standard

SEG’s Theory of Change as approved at the leadership meeting on 12 September 2017

SEG has led a programme to create a Standard for Eel Sustainability that goes over and above the requirements of the recovery programmes (Regulation 1100/2007) in order to dramatically reduce wasteful fishing mortalities and to enable the consumer to buy, eat and enjoy eel sourced from a SEG approved supply chain.
The Sustainable Eel Standard was developed during 2010, and the original the pilot version was launched during early 2011. Ongoing and widespread consultation has taken place since then, including with the Conservation Link group, and subsequent versions have been launched.
Following the latest stakeholder review and a learning and improvement review, a new version (Version 5) of the Standard was launched in June 2013 at the London Eel Conference. Download the Sustainable Eel Standard in English or Français
Since its launch the Standard and its assessment process have been, and continue to be, managed by an independent and autonomous Standards Council chaired by David Bunt.
The Standard and its assessment processes will be further improved and developed during 2015 so that third party accreditation can be achieved. In particular a major and formal process of monitoring, evaluation and improvement will take place.
Other useful information:
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