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Work Plan 2024

SEG Standard System Work Plan 2024

The SEG Standard and associated supporting systems are designed to meet the ISEAL Codes of Good
Practice for sustainability standards.

The system underwent major improvements in 2023, to include:
  • Consultation and publication of a revised SEG Standard
  • Submission of evidence to ISEAL to evaluate SEG’s compliance with the three ISEAL codes:
    Standard Setting, Assurance and Impacts.

This is our work plan for 2024 to continue improving our system:
January- Complete transfer of CAB (Conformity Assessment Body) to Control Union Certifications
February- Provide training to auditors contracted to CAB
- Provide quality assurance to CAB audits
- Use feedback to improve the system
March- Receive feedback on evaluation against Standard Setting and Impacts Codes
- Create and agree plans to address non-conformances for these codes

April- Start corrective actions for Impacts and Standard Setting Codes
- Start consultation on our Monitoring, Evaluation & Learning (MEL) plan
- Receive feedback on evaluation against Assurance Code
May- Receive and evaluate feedback on MEL Plan.
- Develop MEL Plan further
- Receive and evaluate Independent Evaluation Report for 2024
- Create and agree plan to address non-conformances against Assurance Code
- Start corrective actions for Assurance Code
June- Annual General Meeting. Present annual Impact Report
- Publish MEL Plan
- Start planning for transition to new ISEAL Code of Good Practice for Sustainability Systems (Integrated) Code
July- Complete all corrective actions for Code Compliant submissions
- Start work on transition to Integrated Code
August- Vacations
September- Receive feedback on Code Compliant submission following completion and submission of corrective actions
- Continue work on transition to ISEAL Integrated Code
October- Annual Management System Review
- Decide on Independent Evaluation Report for 2025
- Continue work on transition to ISEAL Integrated Code
November- ISEAL decision on SEG ISEAL Code Compliant status?
December- Complete and submit evidence for ISEAL Code of Good Practice for Sustainability Systems (Integrated) Code