Accelerating the recovery of the European Eel

#EelDeal2030 European Parliament Event

Pictured: Beatrice Grassi, Annie Schriejer-Pierik MEP, Andres Fellenberg, Andrew Kerr, Hauke Hoffman and Kiel Maybritt

On the 13th July MEP Annie Schreijer-Pierik hosted the #EelDeal2030 European Parliament Event.

With over 20 attendees on the day, and many more tuning in virtually; MEP’s from across Europe, DG Mare and organisations such as Europol, Wetlands International Europe, the German Angling Association, Good Fish, Via Aqua, Fieldfisher and more were represented, building commitment for #EelDeal2030.

Dutch MEP Burt-Jan Ruissen at the #EelDeal2030 event answers a question on eel sustainability

#EelDeal2030 was launched at the European Parliament Event 13 July 2022 hosted by Annie Schreijer-Pierik. The idea for an Eel Deal sits in line with the EU Green Deal, and was coined last December when filming with Denis Loctier for the EURONEWS OCEAN series:

Europe tries to save the eel population as numbers reach historic low

For millions of years, eels have been migrating from the Atlantic ocean into European rivers. Today the eel population has fallen to a historic low. But scientists, industry, NGOs and regulators are working together to restore stocks. #Ocean

For a full list of speakers and links to their presentations, see below:
Paul Brotherton – Wetlands International Europe

Paul Brotherton Eel Deal presentation

Willem Dekker – Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences SLU, SEG Director of Science

Dekker – From Pest to Protected, What next?

Andrew Kerr – The Sustainable Eel Group, SEG Chairman

Andrew Kerr – Leadership and sustainability impacts

Andres Fellenberg Van der Molen – Green Partner

Andres Fellenberg Green Partner Presentation

Pictured: Kiel Maybritt, Hauke Hoffman, Annie Schriejer-Pierek MEP, Pierre Ettianne Rollet, Katarzyna Janiak DG Mare, Lauren Markovic DG Env. Paul Brotherton Wetlands International Europe. Bert-Jan Ruissen MEP, Annie Schriejer-Pierik MEP, Andrew Kerr, Andres Fellenberg GreenPartner, and Beatrice Grassi FieldFisher

In case you missed it, video recording to follow.