Accelerating the recovery of the European Eel

How to Contribute to the SEG Standard Review

Can you help the recovery of the European Eel?

How to contribute to the review of the Sustainable Eel Standard

24 February 2017

Eels migrating to sea to spawn are often killed in pumps and turbines

The Sustainable Eel Group (SEG) is reviewing the SEG Standard which describes the standards to which those who trade in the European Eel must comply if they wish to claim to be doing so responsibly.

The Standard was last updated in 2013, so is due for review. The aim of the Standard is to assist the recovery of the European Eel, which is classified as Critically Endangered by the IUCN.

The full aims of the Standard are described as:

to maximise the contribution of eel fishers, ranchers, aquaculturalists, traders and consumers of eel products to the restoration of healthy eel populations, distributed throughout their natural range, fulfilling their role in the aquatic environment and supporting sustainable use for the benefit of communities, local economies and traditions.

The Standard will be designed to ensure that everyone holding a SEG Certificate is making a net beneficial impact on eel populations.

SEG is inviting all stakeholders involved with the Standard and the many people and organisations working for the recovery of the European Eel to contribute, with the aim of publishing a new Standard in November 2017.

How you can contribute:
  • The current Standard can be viewed from the SEG Website in English and in French
  • To make any comments based on the content of the Standard, or your experiences of having worked with it, please complete this simple form and send it to
  • A new draft version of the Standard will be published in April 2017. There will then be a 2 months consultation period, during which comments on the new draft version will be invited
Time table for the Review
January 2017
Publish the intention to review the Standard and how people can engage. See the announcement published on 16 January 2017.
February 2017
Start the review, invite comments on the existing Standard from users and interested parties
March 2017
SEG Leadership Team meets to re-affirm objectives for the Standard in line with the Theory of Change. Review Panel meets to review Standard and existing feedback
April 2017
1st draft Version 6 published for 2 months consultation
June 2017
Review Panel meets to consider further amendments following consultation
July 2017
Publish second version for 1 month consultation
September 2017
Review Panel meets to consider further amendments following consultation
October 2017
Correspondence with consultees to explain how comments
November 2017
New Standard (Version 6) published and available for use

The full procedure, describing how the SEG Standard will be reviewed, can be viewed at here

A French version of this announcement and the procedure, will be available here