Accelerating the recovery of the European Eel

Sustainable Eel Group becomes ISEAL associate member

Brussels/London 18 September 2019. ISEAL announces the Sustainable Eel Group (SEG) as associate member. SEG joins as an organisation whose system meets ISEAL’s entry level criteria.

Associate membership reflects a commitment to improvement and the requirements to achieve full ISEAL membership.
SEG is a Europe-wide conservation and science-led organisation working to accelerate the conservation and management of the European eel. SEG initiates and supports scientific research, conservation projects and provides a standard for responsible eel sourcing with traceability from source to market.
As an associate member of ISEAL, SEG meets the baseline criteria of each of the three ISEAL Codes of Good Practice – Standard-Setting, Assurance and Impacts, as assessed by the Secretariat. The Membership Committee recommended SEG to the Board of Directors for final approval on 21 August 2019.
Welcoming the news, Andrew Kerr, SEG Chairman, said: “We are delighted to be joining the ISEAL community. Our successful application demonstrates a strong commitment to ISEAL’s Codes of Good Practice for how we set standards, assure compliance and monitor the impact of our work in a challenging environment. Participation in the community and engagement with a broader set of stakeholders will help us further develop our systems and our work to support the recovery of the European eel.
Karin Kreider, Executive Director of ISEAL, said: “I commend the Sustainable Eel Group on the effort they have put in to become an associate member. SEG joins a diverse group of standards that are driving social and environmental change across many sectors through a range of strategies. To become an ISEAL associate member reinforces SEG’s commitment to credible practices, transparency and accountability.
ISEAL members work across a variety of sectors from agriculture, forestry, seafood, biofuels, metals, sport and water stewardship. SEG will be working alongside these mission-driven standards organisations to continuously improve the effectiveness of its standards system.
To transition to full membership, associate members must undergo an independent evaluation to demonstrate they meet overall compliance with improvement criteria of the Standard-Setting Code and, within three years of full membership, undergo an independent evaluation against the Impacts and Assurance Codes.

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About the Sustainable Eel Group
The Sustainable Eel Group (SEG) is the leading international collaboration of scientists, conservation groups, commercial sector and advisors, dedicated to the recovery of the European eel. It is a not-for-profit, non-government organisation (NGO), with offices in the United Kingdom and Brussels and with collaborators from across Europe and beyond.
SEG’s Vision is:
Healthy wild eel populations distributed throughout their natural range, fulfilling their role in the aquatic environment and supporting sustainable use for the benefit of communities, local economies and traditions.

ISEAL is a global membership organisation for sustainability standards. Its mission is to strengthen sustainability standards systems for the benefit of people and the environment. Its membership is open to multi-stakeholder sustainability standards and international accreditation bodies that demonstrate their ability to meet the ISEAL Codes of Good Practice and accompanying requirements and commit to learning and improving.
ISEAL members cover social and environmental sustainability issues – from labour rights and sustainable livelihoods to biodiversity conservation – and are active across a diverse range of sectors. Members include Fairtrade International, Alliance for Water Stewardship, Forest Stewardship Council, Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO), Rainforest Alliance and Responsible Jewellery Council.

Visit the ISEAL website for a full list of ISEAL members.
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