Accelerating the recovery of the European Eel

Updates about dam removal activities in Europe

Knowledge network
On 25 & 26 September we, jointly with the Environment Agency of England and the Severn River Trust, organized a workshop on Dam Removal in the urban environment.

More than 100 people attended and was considered very successful. Click for presentations 
For 2018 we plan to organize a new Dam Removal seminar in Sweden! Details will follow.

Communication launch
We are planning to develop a communication campaign on Dam Removal and launch the Dam Removal Europe movement on Saturday the 21st of April 2018, at World Fish Migration Day. More news will follow!

We are developing a newsletter to provide you with the latest news on Dam Removal in Europe.  If you have news to share, please let us know!

We have a growing list of supporting organizations. For example the Environment Agency from England has just become a supporter of Dam Removal Europe. Welcome EA!

A supporting organization confirms that it is (interested in) working on Dam Removal, is interested in knowledge exchange and wants to communicate on this in a positive way.

We are inviting everybody who is interested in this to become a support! If you are, please let us know:

LINKEDin Dam Removal group
There is a vibrant LINKED in group on Dam Removal. A lot of useful information can be found there! This is a combined group of USA and Europe:

Please ask to be a member if you are interested!

WFMD 2018
World Fish Migration Day 2018 is coming! On Saturday 21st of April*  hundreds of organizations (environmental agencies, schools, NGOs, universities, angling associations, research centres, etc.)  will get together to celebrate this international event.

If you love rivers or work on rivers and/or migratory fish, please write us ( and we will show you and help you to join WFMD2018! For more information also visit:

*(events can be celebrated the day before if the participants contact us previously, because some organizations do not open on Saturdays)

Best regards,

Dam Removal project team