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SEG Standard Consultation 2017

This page describes the consultation process for the review of the SEG Standard in 2017.

It explains the agreed procedure, terms of reference, the timetable, consultation events, a record of comments received and how they have been considered and included.


The review of the Standard is being carried out according to the Procedure and the Terms of Reference agreed by the SEG Board.

Timetable for the review

Date Activities
January 2017 Intention to review the Standard and how people can engage published.  See the announcement of 16 January 2017.
February 2017 Review started.  Comments invited on the existing Standard from users and interested parties
March 2017 SEG Leadership Team met to re-affirm objectives for the Standard in line with the Theory of Change.
Early June 2017 1st draft Version 6 published for 60 days’ consultation
16 June 2017 Consultation at SEG Conference, London
July 2017 Consultation Events
September 2017 Leadership team and Panel meet (may be virtual or by correspondence) to consider further amendments following consultation
1 December Publish second version for 30 days’ consultation
January 2018 Review Panel meets to consider further amendments following consultation
February – May 2018 Correspondence with consultees to explain how comments have been used, further revisions and consultation
June 2018 New Standard (Version 6) published and available for use

Consultation events

Consultation events and invitations have been /will be made as follows:

January 2017:  Email to all 860 SEG contacts and a Tweet of the intention to review the Standard in 2017. Link.

February 2017:  Email to all SEG contacts and a Tweet to invite people to make any comments on the current Standard, and the timetable for review in 2017. Link.

2 June 2017:  Email to all SEG contacts advising them that the first draft of the new Standard is published and open to comment until 31 July 2017.  Link.

16 June 2017:   2 hour workshop at the SEG Conference in London.  Records of the flip-charts with comments made by delegates are available here.

6 September 2017:  Meeting with the National Comite des Peches, and the French Fishermen, Paris.

Comments received

Records of the flip-charts with comments made by delegates in the workshop of the SEG Conference in London on 16 June are available here.

Consideration of comments

  • A  summary of how comments received have been considered for draft 1 of the new standard, received in June and July 2017 are included in a document here.
  • Comments and responses on the first and second drafts during the consultation up to and including  December 2017 are published here.