Accelerating the recovery of the European Eel

History of publications concerning glass eel trafficking

2017-12-15 Prison avec sursis et amendes pour trafic de civelles
2017-12-15 Two men sentenced in baby eel trafficking scheme
2017-12-08 Des braconniers de civelles de nouveau épinglés par la justice
2017-12-08 Trafficking makes eel ‘as valuable as cocaine’
2017-11-16  Procès civelles saintes 2017
2017-12-01  La Guardia Civil de Gijón localiza a un cántabro con más de un kilo de angulas y sin licencia
2017-11-30  Mystery of the eel: Europe’s own ivory trade
2017-11-15  Leaders of black market eel ring in Virginia and Maine given prison sentences seafood
2017-11-03  New York businessman gets 1½ years for dealing in black market eels from Virginia The Virginia Pilot
2017-10-05  Overfishing Operation Nets Three Eel Traffickers courthouse news
2017-09-15  Series of eel seizures was conducted in Mainland China last spring Summary on SEG web
2017-09-09  U.S. eel poaching spikes on Asia demand The Japan News
2017-09-05  Siembra de angulas en el Pozo Negro
2017-09-03  El río Guadalquivir: kilómetro cero del tráfico ilegal de angulas
2017-08-07  Feds clamp down on eel poaching as value grows Sun Journal
2017-08-07  Poached eels: US strikes at illegal harvests as value grows
2017-07-05  Baby eels have changed fortunes for Maine’s fishermen — and brought trouble The Boston Globe
2017-06-27  The Dark Side of the Secret Glass Eel Goldrush
2017-06-26  Europol estima que el tráfico ilegal de angulas de la UE a China representa un delito de 280 millones de euros
2017-06-26  Another Blow directed to illegal eel trade
2017-06-24  Slippery gang ran illicit eel trade worth millions
2017-06-24  Golpe al tráfico internacional de angula
2017-06-23  Slippery Slope for Smugglers
2017-06-23  Europa contra el tráfico de angulas: 4.000 kilos incautados y 48 detenid crackdown
2017-06-23  Millions of pounds worth of baby eels seized as smugglers face crackdown
2017-06-23  Europa cerca el tráfico de angulas: 4 toneladas incautadas y 48 detenidos
2017-06-23 El SEPRONA lidera una operación internacional contra el tráfico ilegal de angulas
2017-06-09  BFAR eyes stricter measures to regulate eel trade
2017-06-08  Loire-Atlantique: deux trafiquants de civelles arrêtes Avec 175000 euros en liquide
2017-06-08  Demand for the mysterious ‘glass eel’ has turned into a risky, big-money business 
2017-06-07  Inside the Multimillion-Dollar World of Eel Trafficking
2017-05-31  Charente : un Photomaton à poissons migrateurs
2017-05-29  Calvados : un pêcheur jugé pour ne pas avoir déclaré la pêche de petites anguilles
2017-05-27  Maine’s latest fishing frenzy brings in $1,200 a pound — and it’s not lobster LA Times
2017-05-23  How Maine came to play a central role in an international eel smuggling scheme
2017-05-12  Philippines workshop promotes co-operation between enforcement authorities against illegal eel trade TRAFFIC
2017-05-09  Feds Bust Eel-Smugglers in Maine The Maritime Executive
2017-05-06  Le braconnage des civelles s’intensifie, la lutte contre les braconniers aussi
2017-04-27  Two Chinese women at Bilbao Airport stopped with 40kg of glass eels destined for Shanghai
2017-04-21  I joined the wildlife police to safe baby eels from poachers The Scientist
2017-04-19  Walboro Man Pleads Guilty To Illegal Trafficking American Eels The Lincoln County News
2017-04-18  Douane Schiphol vindt 72 Kilo babypaling
2017-04-18  River patrols aim to hook eel smugglers The Times
2017-04-17  72 kilogram glass eels seized at Schiphol Airport, NL; SEG post (ENG)
2017-04-17  Fisherman Pleads Guilty in Eel Trafficking Case
2017-04-16  Las Tramas del cristal negro: el tráfico de angulas se sofistica; SEG post (ENG)
2017-04-16  Why are international crime syndicates smuggling River Severn elvers to Korea and China?
2017-04-12  Illegal elvers worth more than caviar on black market BBC
2017-04-12  video report on trafficking in European eels BBC
2017-04-08  Officials cracking down on poaching of a slippery, squiggly and valuable commodity — baby eels Washington Post
2017-04-05  Brooklyn Seafood Dealer Pleads Guilty for Illegally Trafficking American Eels US Department of Justice
2017-03-30  Two men indicted in Maine for illegally trafficking American eels
2017-03-21  Hiromi Shiraishi (TRAFFIC) about eel trafficking from a Japanese conservation perspective WWF Japan
2017-03-18  Accelerated restocking of eels
2017-03-16  Feds accuse Maine man of trafficking in poached baby eels
2017-03-14  Elver dealer indicted on charges of buying, selling illegally caught eels
2017-03-12  The slippery world of eel smuggling, Europe’s illegal and booming trade The Telegraph; SEG post
2017-03-10  Man arrested for poaching glass eel at Canal de la Martinière in Pellerin
2017-03-08  EUROPOL and GUARDIA CIVIL estimate that >7t of glass eels were annually traded from Spain towards Asia Guardia Civil
2017-03-08  Seventeen arrested for smuggling glass eels worth EUR 7 million from Europe to China Guardia Civil (ENG); Guardia Civil (SPA)
2017-03-08  Smuggling of glass eels valued at EUR 10 million: 17 arrests EUROJUST
2017-03-08  Seventeen arrested for smuggling glass eels worth EUR 10 million EUROPOL
2017-03-08 -Newspaper article reveals details on smuggling route
2017-03-08 -Trafficking route from Spain via Italy and Greece to Hong Kong SEG post
2017-03-08  Dismantlement of an international organization devoted to the illegal trade in elvers/ baby eels SEG post
2017-03-08 – Report about police operation ABAIA Watch VIDEO
2017-03-03  Man caught with 600,000 live glass eels worth £1.2 Million on 15 February The Guardian; Evening Standard; The SUN
2017-03-03  Release of the Heathrow-seized eels in Guadalquivir river, Spain Watch VIDEO
2017-03-03  UK Boarder Force’s role in Operation ‘Thunderbird’
2017-02-15  French authorities checked 50 fishermen and 7 collectors on 10 and 14 February
2017-02-08  People are accused for glass eel poaching in France
2017-02-07  British citizen plead guilty and fined to pay 675 pounds for illegally fishing for glass eels
2017-02-07  Greek authorities arrested several people including a major trader in Greece SEG post (ENG)
2017-02-06  French customs seized 140kg at Paris airport, destinated for Thailand (transit?)
2017-02-06  Spanish citizen were accused for illegal fishing of glass eels in the Guadalquivir river, Andalusia;
2017-02-05  45kg glass eels worth 18.650EUR were seized in Portugal
2017-02-04  Spanish Guardia Civil arrested several people including a major trader in Cataluna and seized huge amounts of glass eels;
2017-01-18  520kg were seized by douanier de Gironde. A Spanish citizen was caught with 520kg in Saugnacq-et-Muret, destinated for Thailand (transit?)
2017-01-17  Japanese video report about glass eel trafficking from Taiwan via Kinmen to Hong Kong NHK World
2016-11-28  Three Additional Men Plead Guilty for Illegally Harvesting and Selling American Eels US Department of Justice
2016-10-06  Seven men plead guilty for illegal harvesting and selling American eels  US Department of Justice 
2016-05-21  Summary of the previous operation ‘Black Glass’ carried out in 2016 Guardia Civil
2012-03-04  Summary of the previous operation ‘Suculenta’ carried out in 2012 Guardia Civil