Accelerating the recovery of the European Eel

70 million years on earth, 40 years of decline: the endangered eel

“It won’t take long for the other 16 species of eels to get on the endangered list. So we have to have a global approach to safeguarding the eel,”

SEG Chairman Andrew Kerr speaks to AFP in these three articles, discussing the major factors influencing the decline of the European eel – and the risks these pose for Anguillid species globally. 

Read the articles in English, French and Spanish below:

70 million years on earth, 40 years of decline: the endangered eel

Tokyo (AFP) – Eels were once so abundant that they were considered a pest, but today the ancient creature is threatened by human activity and risks disappearing altogether, scientists and environmentalists warn. How have eel populations changed? Eels appear in human mythology and ancient art, and their bones have been found in tombs dating back thousands of years.

“70 millions d’années d’existence et 40 ans de déclin” – Sciences et Avenir

Longtemps abondante dans le monde entier et même parfois considérée comme nuisible, l’anguille, dont le cycle de vie est encore mal connu, est aujourd’hui menacée de disparition à cause de l’activité humaine, avertissent scientifiques et organisations environnementales.

La anguila, una especie de 70 millones de años amenazada por el hombre

Tokio (AFP) – Abundante durante mucho tiempo en el mundo entero, hasta el punto de considerarse perjudicial, la anguila se ve ahora amenazada, en peligro de extinción, por la codicia del hombre por este pez alrededor del que se desarrolla un importante mercado negro. ¿Cómo se percibe la anguila?