Accelerating the recovery of the European Eel

Programme International Eel Science Symposium (13-15 June 2016)

REGISTRATION OPEN for the International Eel Science Symposium

Tuesday 13 June 2017
Session Chair: TBC Session 1 ‘Setting the Scene’
09:30 Andy Don Environment Agency (UK) Welcome from the Symposium Steering Group
09:40 Official Symposium Opening presented by Hugh Fearnly-Whittingstall
09:50 Aland Walker Cefas (UK) and Chair ICES Anguillid Section Challenges of management from a scientific perspective
10:20 Matthew Gollock Zoological Society of London (UK) and IUCN Anguillid conservation – the Global context
10:45 Hiromi Shiraishi TRAFFIC Japan (JAP) The illicit global trade in eels
Session Chair: Andrew Kerr, Sustainable Eel Group (UK) Session 2 ‘Species and Regions’
11:35 Tom Kwak North Carolina State University (USA) American eel Anguilla rostrata in the countries and territories of the Wider Carribean
11:55 Robert Schabetberger University of Salzburg (AUS) From the myth to reason – search for a spawning area of tropical eels in the western South Pacific
12:15 Kenzo Kaifu Chuo University (JAP) How science can contribute to conservation and sustainable use of Japanese eel?
12:35 Céline Hanzen University of KwaZulu Natal (S. Africa) Changes in historical distribution and genetic diversity of anguillid eels along the east coast of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
12:55 Peter Phillipsen Nature Network (NL) The Rhine Eel Roadmap
13:00 Markus Diekmann Dept. for Inland Fisheries (GER) On the actual recruitment of European eel in the River Ems, Germany
13:05 Nick Walker George Mason University (USA) Prioritizing Fish Habitat for American eel (Anguilla rostrata) in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed
Session Chair: Andy Don, Environmental Agency (UK) Session 3 ‘Species and Regions’
14:10 Willem Dekker SLU Aqua (SWE) Dynamics of the European eel stock: historical perspective
14:30 Emna Derouiche INSTM (TUN) How many downstream silver eel escaped from Ichkeul Lake (Northern Tunisia) A mark-recapture experiment
14:50 Alejandro Belen ZSL (Philippines) Developing an Eel Management Plan for the Philippines – Process and Challenges
 Session chair: Charles Crundwell, Environmental Agency
15:40 Pierre Sasal University of Perpignan (FRA) Research and conservation of the eels in the South Pacific region
16:00 Kazuki Yokouchi National Research Institute of Fisheries Science (JAP) Decadal monitoring of the Japanese eel demography in several model river systems in Japan
16:20 Ahmend Yahyaoui/Fatima Wariaghli Mohamed V University (MOR) Eel stock in Morocco
16:40 Hikaru Itakura Kobe University (JAP) Side fidelity, diel and seasonal activity of growth phase Japanese eel in the freshwater habitat inferred from acoustic telemetry
17:05 Jonah Tosney Norfolk Rivers Trust (UK) catchment-based approach to eel conservation on a small Norfolk river: The Glaven Eel Project
17:10 Pieterjan Verhelst Ghent University (BE) Emigration of European silver eel (Anguilla Anguilla) from a polder system in the Schelde estuary
17:15 Close of Day 1
19:30 – 23:00 Drinks and Poster Reception
Wednesday 14 June 2017
Session Chair: Paul Coulson, Institute of Fisheries Management (UK) Session 4 ’Marine Phase Studies (1)’
08:50 Paul Coulson Institute of Inland Fisheries (UK) Opening remarks from the Organising Comitee
08:55 David Righton Cefas (UK) Extreme swimming: eels on their oceanic spawning migration
09:25 Nobuto Fukuda National Research Institute of Fisheries Science (JAP) Oceanic migration of each developmental stage in the Japanese eel
09:45 Martin Castonguay Fisheries and Oceans Canada (CA) New observations of American eels migrating across the continental shelf into the Sargasso Sea
10:05 Elsa Amilhat University of Perpignan Silver Eel migration in the Mediterranean Sea
10:25 Håkan Wickström SLU Aqua (SWE) Growth in stocked eels – promising results from a full scale marking experiment in marine environment
10:45 Yoichi Miyake University of Tokyo (JAP) Recruitment mechanism of Anguilla japonica glass eels implied by 50-years catch and oceanographic data and model
Session Chair: Matt Gollock, Zoological Society of London(UK) Session 5 ‘Monitoring and stock management’
11:35 Caroline Durif Institute of Marine Research (NO) Depth, home range and migratory behaviour of European eels tracked in coastal marine waters
11:55 Laura Lee NC Division of Marine Fisheries (USA) Management and Stock Assessment of American Eel on the U.S. East Coast
12:15 Derek Evans AFBI (UK) Statistical analysis of the eel population dynamics of Lough Neagh, Northern Ireland
12:35 Kohma Arai University of Tokyo (JAP) A study on the natural distribution of the Japanese eel in the Tone River system, Japan
12:40 Prit Bernotas Estonian University of Life Sciences (Estonia) First results of using an enclosure fyke net system for estimating European eel abundance in a large and shallow lake
Session Chair: TBC Session 6 ‘Monitoring and stock management’ (Barrier Studies)
13:45 Jonathan Bolland Hull International Fisheries Institute (UK) Route choice, passage and survivability of eels at a lowland pumping station
14:05 Sarah Mount State University of New York (USA) The Development of a Non-Lethal Maturity Index for American Eels
14:25 Jeroen Van Wichelen Research Institute for Nature and Forest Agency (BE) Evaluation of adjusted tidal barrier management for European glass eel migration: upstream dispersal and feeding behaviour
14:45 Adam Piper ZSL and Environment Agency Response of seaward-migrating European eel (Anguilla anguilla) of manipulated flow fields
15:05 Paul Kemp Southampton University (UK) summary of passage/screening ecohydraulic studies carried out at flumes
Session Chair: TBC Session 7 ‘Monitoring and stock management’ (Restocking)
15:55 Thomas Pratt Fisheries and Oceans Canada (CA) Lessons from a large-scaled American eel conservation stocking experiment
16:15 Maidu Slim Estonian University of Life Sciences (Estonia) Can we distinguish stronthium chloride marked European eels by country from isotope signals?
16:35 Shingo Kimura University of Tokyo (JAP) Inhabitation of the European eel in the Japanese rivers
16:55 Bjoern Kullmann Hamburg University (GER) Mass-marking of farmed European eels Anguilla anguilla (Linnaeus, 1758) with alizarinred S.
17:00 Billy Nzau Matondo University of Liege (BE) Long-term monitoring of European eels in the Belgian Meuse River basin. From the historical drastic decline to recent outcomes of restocking practises
17:05 Close of Day 2
18:45-22:30 Symposium Dinner on the River Thames
Andrew Kerr Sustainable Eel Group (UK) Working towards a sustainable future for the eel
Sophie Edwards Thames Water (UK) The Thames Water Eel Programme. Screening, science, challenges and opportunities
Joost van Deelan World Fish Migration Foundation (NL) The AMBER Project
Steve Colclough Institute of Inland Fisheries (UK) The history of eels in the Thames
Thursday 15 June 2017
Session Chair: Iain Turner, Institute of Fisheries Management (UK) Session 8
08:50 Paul Coulson Institute of Inland Fisheries Management (UK) Opening Remarks from the Organising Comitee
09:00 Olga Haenen Wageningen University (NL) The most important diseases of European eel in Europe in the last 30 years
09:30 Neil Lewin Environment Agency (UK) Silver Service: A Standard Protocol for Eel Health Examinations
09:50 Kuan-Mei Hsiung University of Tokyo (JAP) Effects of ENSO events and global warming on larval and juvenile duration and transport process of the Japanese eel (Anguilla japonica)
10:10 Maria Mateo IRSTEA (FRA) Assessing the impact of anthropogenic pressures on temperate eels using Genetics & Evolutionary ecology-based models for eels (GenEveel)
10:30 Kieran McCarthy University of Galway (IRE) Parasite assemblages of European eels in Irish freshwater, mixohaline and marine habitats
10:35 Marc Simon Weltersbach Thünen Institute of Baltic Sea Fisheries (GER) Effects of catch-and-release on European eel in recreational fisheries
10:40 Ben Griffioen Wageningen Marine Research (NL) Silver eel migration in the river Meuse 2002-2015: mortality estimations and behavioural patterns
10:45 David Buysse Research Institute for Nature and Forest (BE) Mortality of European eel after downstream migration through three types of pumping station
Session Chair: Alan Walker, Cefas (UK) Session 9
11:20 Tatsuki Yoshinaga Kitasato University (JAP) CITES-listing and other social forces shrank the commercial utilization of the European eel in Japanese market between 2011 and 2016
11:40 Jens Frankowski Institute of Fisheries (GER) Behaviour, escapement and mortality of female European silver eels within a regulated lowland river draining into the Baltic Sea
12:00 Claude Belpaire Research Institute for Nature and Forest (BE) Standardisation of eel quality assessments and the effects of contaminants on the eel stock
12:20 Estibaliz Diaz Marine Research. Itsas Ikerketa (SPA) European eel (Anguilla anguilla) under climate change
12:40 Malte Dorow Institute for Fisheries (GER) The development of the eel fisheries management in coastal and inland waters in the state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (Germany between 1955 and 2015)
12:45 Florian Stein Sustainable Eel Group (UK) Combating the illegal trade in European eels
12:50 Peter Walker RSK Environmental (UK) ’Access all areas’ – is the ability to access freshwater habitat all that matters for eels or is habitat quality also important?
12:55 Rob Pilcher AECOM (UK) New guide and passage in the UK
Session Chair: TBC Session 10
‘Aquaculture and Genetics’
14:00 Oliviero Mordenti University of Bologna (ITA) Captive Breeding of the European Eel. A review of the work in Italy
14:20 Anke Zernack Tanenuiarangi Manawatu Inc (NZ) PROJECT TUNA – Overcoming the hurdles to establish an environmentally, economically and socially sustainable shortfin eel aquaculture industry in New Zealand
14:40 Marti Pujolar Aarhus University (DK) Assessing pre- and post-zygotic barriers between North Atlantic eels (Anguilla anguilla and A. rostrata)
15:00 Chryoula Gubilli Helenic Agricultural Organisation (GRE) Panmixia in the tropics: lack of genetic structure in sympatric eels
15:20 Juan F. Asturiano Nemesio University of Valencia (SPA) European eel sperm cryopreservation: an overview of the state of the art
16:10-16:45 Facilitated by Matthew Gollock, Zoological Society of London (UK) Session 11 ‘Open discussion. The future’
16:45 Alan Walker Cefas (UK) and Chair ICES Anguillid Section Highlights and further work from the symposium
17:00 Symposium close
Friday 16 June 2017
Sustainable Eel Group Annual meeting Fishmongers Hall